Who our technology can help

The DSG technology has applications in a wide range of industries which rely on a simple, versatile and fast way of determining the presence or no-presence of certain substances.

Pharmaceutical industry

Especially the drug discovery or the confirmation that patients who were administered the drugs also have taken them and or the drug itself has been absorbed by the test subjects body. In other words is the patient taking the drugs, but also the way to confirm the study itself by proving the presence over a longer period of time to the administered drugs.

Drug or doping screening

As many of the known drugs and doping are being absorbed by the blood, these substances also end up in the hair samples that we receive. Therefore the DSG system is a very reliable way of determining the presence of drugs or performance enhancing materials.

Insurance companies

Patient therapy compliance, or safety regulation compliance, compliance with insurance policies.

Patient healthcare & wellbeing

Therapy Compliance but also ways to monitor subjects levels to enable a physician to determine if a person is in pain. All of this is made possible by screening the hair and creating a timeline with levels and monitoring if there is a sudden increase.

Early warning system by using bio-markers

When performing a wide angle discovery scan we encounter thousands of molecules which are related to processes within a subject’s body. During our many hours of screening, we already discovered many bio-markers or indicators which relate to certain deceases. This way we have developed and are still currently developing new and fast ways of screening methods which can be used in the personalized and preventive medical system of today and tomorrow.

Animal healthcare & wellbeing

As most livestock animals have hair we can also scan their hair samples for traces of banned substances like steroids and other substances. In the case of calamities, we can easily, fast and safely determine if the animals came into contact with, high doses of smoke, particles etc.
Besides this, we can easily determine if the pollution has happened incidentally or that it was done on a more regular basis.