The process

How it works

DSG uses hair screening technology based on mass spectrometry imaging.


1. Take a sample

By screening 3 hairs from a subject DSG is able to generate a chemical diary. This can be done for a person, but also an animal. This chemical logbook contains all kinds of traces with which the subject has been in contact with during the past few months.


2. Process the sample

Based on mass spectrometry technology, DSG is able to generate a read-out on a day to day resolution. As the core of hair is directly linked to the blood stream, substances such as drugs, nicotine, cancer markers and vitamin (B1) all become visible to us.


3. Reveal substances

Since DSG looks into the core of hair and not onto the surface, it is safe to say that the read outs are not influenced by external contamination which were on top of the hair and could be identified as alien to the body.


4. Analyse data

If there has been a sudden increase of a certain substance, such as Vitamin B1, glucose or if a banned substance such as cocaine has been used, DSG can all find them back in hair.