About DSG

Medical analysing of single hairs

Dutch Screening Group (DSG) focuses on the development of non-invasive screening technologies such as the mass spectrometry technology to scan substances, such as glucose levels, patients loyalty to drugs, vitamin levels, drugs of abuse etc.

Our technology

Unlocking the power of hair diagnostics

DSG developed a non-invasive way of scanning a subject’s hair (animal or human) for all kinds of substances which were present during the recent past. A subject’s hair registers and stores all kinds of data, such as metabolic profiles to drugs, vitamin usage, and bio markers.

By analyzing a hair using the DSG mass spectrometry imaging technology (MSI), we can discover all of this information and create a timeline that can clearly show the level and moments of exposure.


Benefits of our technology

Chemical Logbook


Broad application


Simple, versatile and fast.

The DSG technology has applications in a wide range of industries which rely on a simple, versatile and fast way of determining the presence or no-presence of certain substances.

Pharmaceutical industry

Drug or doping screening

Insurance companies

Patient healthcare & wellbeing

Early warning system by using bio-markers

Animal healthcare & wellbeing